Investing in Society Xmas fund $FB $TWTR

Its XMAS!  It starts NOW!
I’m doing a charity thing for the Holidays-I could use your help-Basically it’s not just kids-It’s for families…..I personally have bigger long term plans for this ‘idea’-But I’d like to try now, I’d like to see the response from social networks-YES Toys will be bought, however fuck it! Depending on the response, maybe we can pay for a Single mother to get her ‘cosmetic cert’ for $2k also……so she‘s not busting her ass for $10 an hour anymore, she wont need ‘Gov. Aid’ -Or one month car payment so she can get caught up…….Or gifts for Children that have watched their parents suffer from illness-
It’s investing in society-There are a lot of us here-
Not just handing Toys for Tots a check-or buying a toy for a name on a tree at the mall…..
Its simple. Its giving to kids that haven’t had an easy childhood so far-For one day, they shouldn’t feel shame because of a system out of their control-
They deserve some human dignity-and WE can do it.
I have PayPal set up under my email (Don’t forget the ‘Dot’ after Philly)
I also have ‘WePay’ under the same email-
Donating Gift cards also works…..I have also set up a GoFundMe