$EURUSD LONG ….“Perhaps it is better to be irresponsible and right, than to be responsible and wrong.”

UPDATE-More on the Long side but you can make money shorting-Just be comfortable with your charts- ADX seems to be a decent indicator-RSI obviously- BB- Sars..

$EURUSD Staying Long for the LONGER term was Right-The Dollar is still a piece of shit.  And we have a Surplus of Oil
Keep an eye on Draghi comments next week

now….I broke my own rule-BLOCK OUT THE NOISE…….We’ll probably have a better short position next week when Draghi throws another tantrum-
EUR Euro-Zone Economic Confidence (NOV) 100.8 higher than expected & previous
Eurozone Money Supply is stable-in check!
EUR Euro-Zone Consumer Confidence-Same!
EUR Euro-Zone Business Climate Indicator (NOV) RAWKED!
Germany‘s unemployment stayed the same
EUR German GfK Consumer Confidence Survey (DEC) High!


$EURUSD BULL- #OPEC ‘ipso facto’ #FOREX…..“A paranoid is someone who knows a little of what’s going on. ” #FX #FOREX

“OPEC oil is exclusively quoted in US dollars.”
The Elite don’t want us to Panic over the Oil Surplus…Listening to this pre-OPEC meeting, mister sounds like he’s got a gun to his head talking about the Oil market hot mess…..
To summarize , ipso facto, those least suited to do it.  OPEC Oil Cartel fucked themselves.
Dollar has been at all time highs-It CAN’T stay there-The US needs to raise Inflation, we are raising inflation, THIS is VERY VERY real……
Hot mouth Comments from the ECB about a ‘maybe’ Stimulus last week that were so irresponsible are not real.
And comments later on started to show maybe the Big Boys were getting ready to dump the dollar at a high price-
YESTERDAY “European Commission President Juncker said a $380 billion stimulus is needed to restore the European Union’s economy” –“The proposal will be discussed by the 28 EU leaders at the Dec. 18-19 summit.”
Germany is doing well-This should delay ANY more talks of a Stimulus….
Regardless the Dollar is still very very much shit. Watered down and abused-

Oil prices are expected to tumble ­further if the OPEC members cannot agree on a reduction in global production.

Oil prices have been falling because of abundant supply as the US produces more shale oil

War is Profit’-I guess the murderers of the world over did it….. #OBAMA #CHENEY #BUSH #CLINTON #KERRY and friends…..
At best The Daily, and the Weekly are oversold: With everything happening against the Dollar IMO I’m staying Long-
$EURUSDthanksgivingdaily copy thanksweekly copy

$EURUSD Looong “Beauty is a whore, I like money better.” #MMJ #FX #FOREX #Rant

UPDATE: “The proposal will be discussed by the 28 EU leaders at the Dec. 18-19 summit.”  That’s a long time away-So now we have a rumored stimulus that wont even be discussed for another month…..

$EURUSD Reasons to stay long-I’ll keep updating this evening-
ECB Stimulus is only a rumor– The EC President said today a “$380 billion stimulus is needed to restore the European Union’s economy”  And we had a freak out flush-THEN people remember how to control emotions (NONE of you follow the most basic rule, you claim) And as a Female Trader I can tell you, a lot of you cry-
-Germany data came out positive & Confidence is high, their economy makes a great impact on the $EURO-that should    delay anymore real talk of a stimulus and diluting.”
-Dollar index extends losses on weak U.S. data
-Dollar weakens against rivals after consumer-confidence data
-Dollar falls against rivals on weak home-sales data
“Oil futures slumped to their lowest close in more than four years”
-The $USD was watered down with the $Oil.
Oil men are the worst-Shysters………