‘Strong women can handle a frank direct person who doesn’t sweet-talk or need others to nerve her’

Some men traders are sad excuses for ‘men’, no matter how far back I sent Women’s lib there, this society needs to work on respect for women or you’re going to hell….. Death threats? Asking females ‘how they prefer to die’ over money? I’ve been told awful things, I’ve heard stories from other female traders- I’m numb to it-In a ‘field’ with about 1% women in high seats, you should be policing each other-or you’re part of the problem-and starting to look like those freaks that are afraid of lesbians because they ‘grow babies in test tubes’-or just weak.
‘You can speak truth to power, . . . but when you speak truth to weakness, weakness gets mad and queasy. It accuses you of its own insecurity.’
In my years of trading, I could write a book……I might.   I will….And I don’t censor myself-
SOCIOPATHS: They excel in any arena where aggressive behavior is rewarded and where grandiose levels of confidence can result in rousing applause. Narcissistic,and obsessive-compulsive-