$EURUSD “We become slaves the moment we hand the definition of reality entirely over to someone else” #FX #FOREX #Draghidramaqueen

 “It looks too early for the ECB to take a final decision and we expect no sovereign QE announcement at the 4 December meeting-”
  A loosening of TLTRO conditions would suggest that the ECB’s strategy remains mostly focused on credit easing-
“ECB Executive Board member has said this weekend that she saw little room for further easing of monetary policy despite a further fall in Eurozone inflation”
$EUR/USD capitulation will need to be USD-led

  • Mario Draghi, president of the European Central Bank, seems to be in no hurry to implement a policy of quantitative easing. He doesn’t seem to have much optimism that it will work.
  • Mr. Draghi is more set in urging other members of the eurozone to create a fiscal union, stating that it would do more to combat fears of monetary union breaking up

Germany, the largest economy in the eurozone, only has an unemployment rate of 4.9 percent

As always the trend isn’t your friend-Watch your charts! This thing is Oversold……



$EUR/USD Its Inflation dummies….Not Armageddon UPDATE $EURO UP

$EURUSD $EURO climbed against most major currencies on Monday-German business confidence unexpectedly improved in November #FX #FOREX
11/24 UPDATE Fucking Beautiful-

Staying Bull….Entered at 1.23-Apparently people don’t know what Inflation and Deflation is-So keep making money on that-
$EURO at record lows $USD record highs-Tweeker herd mentality on Friday IMO…..we’ll update….Congrats being long last night-Take Profits Keep flipping-Watch your Charts-Stop losses are your friend-NOT the trend in FX.
I’m thinking we’ll make a move on squeezing the ‘its NOT LOGICAL traders’ BUT I’ll jump at anytime-i’ll update-
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Long $Euro/USD BEAUTIFUL! #FX #FOREX Tonight-UPDATE2 on 5min

UPDATE 2- Close the Gap! 1.2387  Also be my friend on Facebook!

I have been playing options more lately, and put FX off.  I decided to play tonight-I think the $EUR/USD is a little oversold right now-I have a Bullish position right now-I think there was a Panic- Right now I’m long at 1.23 I might jump at anytime and switch positions- I’ll update…
UPDATE 5min getting more Bullish…..Staying for a bit-
I have this great weed…’Blue dream’-I strongly suggest (but not a dr. expert whatever so dont listen to me I’ve only been on chemo and lost organs) Its great for anxiety-Traders should look out for it, it’s not a sleeper IMO…..quit popping those pills and snorting coke-its showing on a lot of you….