Stock Articles/Social media/Promotions & Psychics!

I am a Stock trader, Options, FX and Investor.  I have experience with the OTC markets as well as Big Board stocks.  I have expansive awareness of the markets as a trader.  I have studied Politics & History and consider myself a news junkie-
I’m a Female Trader, I have a lot of stories.
-I can write an article for a promotion.  You can give me the information or I can do the research-cost will vary.
– I will post facts on Twitter 2000+ followers as well as ‘StockTwits’.  Hashtagging the ticker with $ and other trending words.
-I can post articles on Facebook 500 followers + various groups.
-I will do research/DD, cost will have to be discussed depending on time.
In general cost will vary.  Volume expectations/$ Volume expectations- Time spent working on social networks will all have to be included.

I can write up DD facts with the ticker and $ for Twitter, Stocktwits, & Penny stock tweets.
I can post in various groups on Facebook.
Twitter 3000+ Followers FB 600


I know a great Psychic.  $50 email readings, but fantastic, intuition/cards/medium.  She also does distant healing, chakra cleansing, Reiki.
Disclaimer:  I may or may not own any stock I write about.  I have the right to buy or sell any stock I write about.  Entertainment only. Always my Opinion.


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