$EURUSD BULL-“The western world now obeys the percepts of commerce” #FX #FOREX Yes its a POS $USD #OIL

Congrats if you followed me-$EURUSD STAY Long-Buy dips…. SHORT Capital Spending (Q3) 5.5% (Strong Yen)
I’ll update through the day-Think for yourselves…..Watch your Charts…. Watch that ’65 area on the $EURUSD But the way the dollar is tanking-I’m not concerned we wouldn’t bounce back and see 125.00
The Dollar is shit-DILUTED LIKE THE OIL-Now a surplus of Oil…I don’t care what they say-We have a Watered down Dollar, Cheap oil traded in The $USD- How the fuck is there going to be a demand?
“The do’s and don’ts change every season and your “everyone” doesn’t want to be left out,so they rush headlong to comply.That continuous change has a function,a single aim.  Maximum consumption.  They want to go on milking you.  From the cradle to the grave.  Face it:You’re a brain washed ,walking purse,a robot,the fuel multinationals run on.”  

 “It looks too early for the ECB to take a final decision and we expect no sovereign QE announcement at the 4 December meeting-“
“ECB Executive Board member has said this weekend that she saw little room for further easing of monetary policy despite a further fall in Eurozone inflation” 

  • Mario Draghi, president of the European Central Bank, seems to be in no hurry to implement a policy of quantitative easing. He doesn’t seem to have much optimism that it will work.
  • Mr. Draghi is more set in urging other members of the eurozone to create a fiscal union, stating that it would do more to combat fears of monetary union breaking up

Germany, the largest economy in the eurozone, only has an unemployment rate of 4.9 percent



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