$EURUSD BULL-“The western world now obeys the percepts of commerce” #FX #FOREX Yes its a POS $USD #OIL

Staying- #FX #FOREX

Ellysium Stocks & other Market/Life talk

Congrats if you followed me-$EURUSD STAY Long-Buy dips…. SHORT Capital Spending (Q3) 5.5% (Strong Yen)
I’ll update through the day-Think for yourselves…..Watch your Charts…. Watch that ’65 area on the $EURUSD But the way the dollar is tanking-I’m not concerned we wouldn’t bounce back and see 125.00
The Dollar is shit-DILUTED LIKE THE OIL-Now a surplus of Oil…I don’t care what they say-We have a Watered down Dollar, Cheap oil traded in The $USD- How the fuck is there going to be a demand?
“The do’s and don’ts change every season and your “everyone” doesn’t want to be left out,so they rush headlong to comply.That continuous change has a function,a single aim.  Maximum consumption.  They want to go on milking you.  From the cradle to the grave.  Face it:You’re a brain washed ,walking purse,a robot,the fuel multinationals run on.”  

 “It looks too early for the ECB to…

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