$EURUSD Staying on the Bull side- Because you can’t argue with all the fools in the world….$EURO MIGHT get a Stimulus-but the $USD dollar is still shit-

Keeping my Bull Position-I’m not one for pissing contests but Congrats if you followed me-There was a lot of ‘following a trend’ bears-Going on ‘WHAT MIGHT BE a Stimulus’-Their market can rally on rumor, but nothing has happened yet-
However the $USD needs to come off its pedestal…. So IMO this week we should see some gains on today’s news-
Germany, the largest economy within the 18-member eurozone‘ ‘Business confidence index rose unexpectedly to 104.7 this month”
“German business confidence could delay a move by the European Central Bank to purchase sovereign debt and weaken the common currency”
“German economy is inching away from its slump could delay the need to expand the scale of the ECB’s assets purchases
Euro also rose following comments by German Bundesbank President Jens Weidmann, which seemed to step back from imminent quantitative easing for the eurozone. Mr. Weidmann said that monetary policy has limits for bolstering the economy, and that structural reforms represent the best antidote to weak growth
We will continue to update-Good Luck-


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